Medical Practice Setup Consultants

What can our Medical Practice Setup Consultants do for you?

We are experienced in helping medical professionals start their own independent practices.
At Ozbiztech, we believe in honesty and trust. We provide an excellent medical IT and medical practice setup consultants services to our health partners. We help and make things easier in:

• Purchasing of Medical Hardware and Software systems or equipment.
• Medical IT Software and Hardware Asset Management to reduce ongoing software and hardware maintenance issues
• Effective use of IT investments of the partners to reduce business ongoing costs
• Providing custom use Quick Mobile Apps, Automated processes to reduce day to day manual tasks and paperwork for example: E-Signature Documents, Employment Medicals App
• Saves Money and Time for our health partners in research, negotiating and getting support from IT vendors

We offer medical practice setup management guidance and solutions

It is becoming increasingly difficult to run a specialty medical office, particularly with all the compliance requirements. To ensure that each element of the practice is defined, our medical office consultants begin with a business plan. We tailor the business plan to each practice’s objectives, working within a variety of different specialties from neurosurgery to ophthalmology to obstetrics/gynaecology, and more. Our team is professional and friendly. Our clients are our mentors and we manage them according to their needs. It should be rewarding and not stressful.

Create a custom-made model for a medical practice business

  •  Policies and procedures, tax IDs, licenses, legal entity

Set-up of medical office and other facilities.

  • Signage, Furnishings, Inspections and Lease

Get medical equipment and office supplies at your disposal

  • Equipment for medical and office use, vendor contracts, supplies for reception and exam rooms, and printed materials (forms and brochures, stationery, etc.)

Establish an accounting system and human resource management

  • Payroll, banking, loan assistance, payroll, training, employee training, vendor agreements, staffing, collections

Install technology

  • Internet and Wi-Fi, phone and computer systems; medical office computer system systems; patient portal; billing software


  • HIPAA compliance, risk assessment


We work with you when we are your medical practice operations and administration consultants. Our success is your success.

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