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Healthcare Mobile Apps For Patients

Healthcare Mobile Apps patient check-in app helps the health service providers to check-in their patients to the premises without any involvement of admin staff.

Popular Healthcare Mobile Apps Features

Mobile apps for healthcare have leveraged technology such as cloud computing, big Data and Internet of Things in extremely powerful ways.

Every mobile app industry has its own set of features. Let’s look at the most popular features that top NSW healthcare apps offer doctors and patients.

Healthcare Mobile Apps For Patients
  •  Simple Registration and Login
  •  Creating a Profile
  •  Finding, Selecting, and Booking Doctors
  • Appointment Management
  • Pill Reminders
  • Cloud Management
  • Remote Medical Assistance
  • Self Service Healthcare mobile apps for patients which can be used anywhere in the health premises.
  • Check-In Patients to the waiting area for their booked Appointments
  • Allow Patient to fill their Patient Information Sheet on the App
  • Store all the patient’s information in single place in patient management system.
  • Allow to book new appointment for the available time slots.
  • NSW Health Apps are  Secure and Easy to Use  

Our Experience

Our team has provided expert solutions for medical app development. Ozbiztech develops apps that facilitate smooth
communication between clinicians and patients. Health solutions allow for easier data collection, long-distance Telemedicine
services, precise health outcomes and automated medical services. Ozbiztech Google Maps

Services We Provide

Appointment Scheduling

Healthcare Mobile Apps patient check-in app helps the health service providers to check-in their patients to the premises without any involvement of admin staff.
  • You can search for doctors by specialty, location, or availability
  • View photos and credentials of doctors.
  • Management of appointments
  • Reminders for appointments automatically
  • Notifications about scheduled appointments

Medication Tracking

You can increase medication compliance and encourage patients to follow their prescribed regimens by keeping track of their meals and doses and reminding them to take their medicines on time.
  • Tracking medication
  • Reminders and medication intake plan
  • Alerts and reminders automatically

Messaging & Collaboration

The integrated secure messaging platform within the healthcare
mobile apps system allows patients to communicate with professionals medical practice in real-time to discuss and share health issues.

  • Secure messaging
  • Push notifications
  • History of messages
  • Offline messaging
  • Multi-group messaging


Integrating geolocation allows patients to find nearby healthcare providers.
  • Navigation and maps
  • Place annotations and recommendations

FAQs Questions

  • How is the mobile app changing healthcare?
    Mobile apps not only aid patients, but also allow doctors and nurses to easily gather and store their personal health data. Mobile apps allow patients to submit their insurance cards, and other information directly to the app. This helps healthcare professionals reduce paperwork errors.
  • What is your top priority for healthcare mobile apps?
    Customers who use health apps must be able to deal with sensitive information about their patients and manage protected health information (PHI). Before downloading the healthcare mobile apps, they need to feel secure, private, and in compliance with all applicable governmental regulations.
  • What is a patient app?
    These are the apps specially designed for patients and offer easy access to healthcare services when you need them the most.
  • Is a healthcare mobile app for patients a medical device?
    Healthcare mobile apps for patients that can gather data from a person like a heartbeat, blood glucose level, or diet, analyze and interpret the data to interpret diagnosis, are considered medical devices.
  • Do healthcare mobile apps for patients need any approval?
    Yes. If the mobile app is used as a medical device, it needs approval from the FDA.
  • What do patients seek in healthcare mobile apps?
    The patients seek the three most basic functions. 1. The ability to schedule/cancel the appointment with a healthcare professional, the 2. The ability to request prescriptions with apps. 3. and easy access to the medical records.
  • How do we know if a healthcare app is FDA approved or not?
    Check the FDA database for the same. To know whether an app is FDA approved or not, go to the devices @ FDA database and search by the device/company name.
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