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Medical Office IT Support Australia

Ozbiztech we provide timely, quality and reliable medical office IT support & solutions to our customers. Following are our key services:

  • Medical Practice IT Support of Servers, PC’s, Switches, Security Gateways, Internet, Networking, Printers etc.
  • Setup of User Emails, Shared Mailboxes, Network/Cloud Accounts, Multi factor Authentication
  • Installation and Maintenance of IT Health care Software’s such as Patient Management System, Drugs Database updates, Security patches, Pathology Software’s, ECG
  • Setup and Ongoing troubleshooting of Antivirus/Malware/Ransomware Software and Firewalls, Off Site Data Backup, Cloud Storage solutions
  • Daily and Real-time Off-site Backup of all the data and servers
  • Disaster Recovery Setup and Testing
  • Security Scan, Audit and Compliance readiness
  • Resolving day to day IT issues for Doctors and Staff
Medical Office IT Support Australia


Medical Offices or healthcare clinics have to comply with a variety of rules and regulations related to HIPPA as part of keeping their patients’ records confidential. There is also a need for medical care facilities, with their efficiency and ability to limit data entry mistakes, among other benefits, as well as the continued effort to bring technology into healthcare and qualified IT services and support for the technology they are putting into place. Plus, medical IT services and support for this medical technology can protect your healthcare clinic capital investment.

Obstacles in Clinical IT Support Functionality

To care for patients and maintain smooth operations, medical IT office employ a range of specialized technologies and platforms. Healthcare has its own
unique set of concerns and needs. These are some of the main obstacles to IT support:

  • Integration and compatibility of electronic health record (EHR) systems
  • Complete compliance with the regulations governing patient data (HIPAA & HITECH).
  • Medical Coding Software Compliance with CPT, ICT-10 and HCPCS
  • Software and hardware for digital medical transcription.
  • Software and hardware for clinical imaging.
  • Software for medical billing.
  • The Internet of Things (IOT) provides mobile health (M-Health), devices and connections.
  • Artificial intelligence applications for diagnosis and patient communication
Stethoscope-Medical Practice IT Support

Medical Practice IT Support

It is crucial to have first-rate IT support for medical practices, especially in a healthcare setting. It is crucial for medical practices to be able maintain a stable network and grow to meet changing industry needs. The Ozbiztech Pty Ltd team has extensive industry knowledge and will help you with all IT issues in your medical practice. This includes system installation and ongoing support. Learn why Ozbiztech is the best choice for medical practice it support across the Australia.

Medical Practice IT Support – Solutions Overview

  • Support and solutions for all aspects of your healthcare facility or medical IT practice
  • Remote monitoring and repair available 24/7 hours
  •  Software management and EHR upgrade
  •  Selection, implementation, and support for EHRs
  • Anti-virus, spyware, and security protection for all servers and computers
  •  Remote, on-site and by phone / helpdesk support 24/7 hours
  •  Software and hardware discounts. Get discounts on hardware and software by joining our group buying program.
We support all types of Medical office practices and have provided IT support to family medicine, practice IT support, and Dermatology practices. We also support local and regional hospital facilities.

FAQs Questions

  • What are the benefits of Managed IT Services?
    Managed IT services offer businesses the opportunity to save money by making IT support more predictable and manageable. Businesses will benefit from managed services that provide comprehensive security, custom backup and recovery solutions, as well as cloud storage and hosting.
  • What is included in Veritis Managed IT Services?
    Veritis Managed Services includes a variety of offerings, including Application Managed Services and Cloud Managed Services. Network and Infrastructure, Security as a Service and Support Services are just a few examples. Veritis service offerings ensure a better IT posture, enhanced business continuity, technological expertise, operational efficiency, and improved responsiveness.
  • What is a medical office IT Support?
    In a medical clinic or office, the IT-related software installations and hardware repair/installation comes under the medical office IT support category, like software installation, switch repair, etc.
  • What are the obstacles we may face in medical office IT Support?
    Following is a set of obstacles that are common at a medical office while serving the IT needs:
    • Software installation may cause trouble for any reason.
    • The server may lose the data and records of the patients.
    • The medical transcription issues.
    • Other hardware issues.
  • What solutions can a medical office IT Support Company provides?
    The medical practice IT Support is a much-needed service in medical clinics and healthcare setups. Ozbiztech is a premier in providing medical practice IT Support that can offer anti-virus, spyware, and security protection services with remote monitoring to helpdesk support 24/7. They offer software and hardware discounts as well.
  • How frequent office IT supports can be used?
    Medical Office IT support services are much needed for medical fraternity’s support. Usually clinicians and the paramedic staff aren’t well versed with the management of the cloud-based patient management system and hence for every need they need professional medical office IT support services. Ozbiztech is one such support system that helps multiple medical setups and clinics for their IT related needs.
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