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What we do

We help you set up your Office 365 Ecosystem.

Office 365 works as an employee-friendly digital platform to find different applications and services. We assist organizations in setting up Office 365 platform as per the business needs and collaboration requirements.

Resolve and Dissolve the confusion

We set up the optimal set of apps that can support and assist you in creating a digital workplace for your employees to enjoy this full-fledged digital workplace.
Our consultant makes sure that the Office 365 setup can complement the SharePoint capabilities to build an efficient employee digital workplace.

Microsoft Office 365 Consultants

Microsoft Office 365 Sydney helps map the exact business needs to attain the optimum solutions with Microsoft Office 365 implementation, evolution, and user adoption.
We offer all-inclusive Office 365 consulting Services to ensure you get efficient and multidimensional in-house and remote collaboration. 

Office 365

Why Ozbiztech?

Microsoft Office 365 works as an employee-friendly digital platform to find different applications and services. We assist organizations in setting up Office 365 and MS Power Platform as per the business needs and collaboration requirements.

Smooth Transition to the Cloud:

  • We help you implement the optimal set of Office 365 applications that suit your needs and ensure better employee satisfaction with numerous benefits. 
  • We balance the needs-restrictions effortlessly to fetch an operating solution.
  • We enable you protection of the cloud solutions, where you store your sensitive data.
  •  We take proper care of the user adoption from the initial stage to solutions that meet your customer needs.

Complete set of Office 365 Services:

Right from deployment to user adoption and customization, we offer consulting services to ensure you collaborative toolset as per your business needs and specifications. 

Microsoft Office 365 Consulting Services: 

we offer advisory and technical support as per your business needs.

Office 365 Implementation:

 As per your budget, strategies, and collaboration scope, we help you opt for a suitable 365 subscription plan. 

Office 365 Customization:

we customize you a tailor-made office 365 solution to meet your specific requirements.

Office 365 Migration: 

We help you plan and decide on the smooth migration of your non-premises, cloud, or hybrid solutions to Office 365 with the safeguarding of your business data. 

Office 365 Integration:  

We help you integrate enterprise solutions to ensure transparent and continuous collaboration. 

Office 365 Support: 

We provide need-based support that is flexible. This ensures you stay tuned with the updates, implement the latest features and improve solutions and functionality with avoiding any issues. 

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FAQs Questions

Office 365 is a service that is offered on a subscription basis. It combines the traditional apps with some new ones. All these services are enabled over the cloud.

An Office 365 consultant helps create a tailor-made infrastructure and combine various MS programs and applications.

Yes. MS Office 365 consulting services help businesses to assess and bridge the gap between the need and solutions. It includes implementation support, user adoption and continuous office 365 solution support.

It includes various communications and collaboration services, including Exchange, Skype, SharePoint, and Office.

No. It offers services based on the cloud. Hence, it needs you to have a stable internet connection.

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