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Online Medical Booking System

Medical Online Bookings Solution is the state of the art, easy to use medical booking system for the Medical Centres and Allied
health services. The Medical Booking Solution helps our health service partners in:

Online Medical Booking System

Let Your Patients Manage Their Own Appointments with Online Medical Bookings

You can switch your patients to an online medical book service, giving them the ability to make medical bookings at any hour of the day or night with the doctor they prefer.
Ozbiztech Pty Ltd sends out mobile and email notifications to remind your patients of their appointments and reduce the time wasted by no-shows.

Your practice can be part of the ozbiztech Network and enjoy high internet exposure.

Patients can choose their practice and schedule an appointment with their preferred doctor in three simple steps. To reduce duplicate records and save time for your reception staff, you will need to create a user profile that includes their first four digits of Medicare number.
The Ozbiztech online medical booking system integrates seamlessly into your current practice management software. All Online Medical Booking System integrates seamlessly with your existing system. This allows you to limit patient pools for certain doctors and manage any doctor’s patient load with minimal administrative input.
Ozbiztech is an elegant appointment reminder app that has a rich feature set and a beautiful user interface for customers. It can help your team automate medical online bookings, reminders, payments and reviews, and many other tasks.

FAQs Questions

  • What is a health IT specialist?
    Specialists in health information technology (health IT), manage the technical aspects of patient information management. Medical IT support or Health IT professionals can build, implement or support electronic health records, EHRs, and other systems that store patient data, depending on their job.
  • Why is online appointment scheduling important?
    Online appointment scheduling frees staff to focus on important issues. Handle everything via computer - right down to finding open appointments that meet the patient's needs. Online medical booking system software helps even the non-tech sensible patient easily book an appointment. Remind patients easily.
  • What are the benefits of online doctor booking?
    Benefits of Online Medical Appointment System for Doctors:
    1. Online doctor scheduling services attract more patients.
    2. The doctor will see you at your convenience.
    3. This will ensure that there are no more phone calls.
    4. Will make reminders/cancellations/reschedules easier.
    5. Can reduce absenteeism and can improve patient satisfaction.
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